Red Hibiscus Japanese Kanzashi Silk Flower Hairclip

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Handmade Red Hibiscus Japanese Kanzashi Silk Flower Fascinator Hairclip.

This tropical Hawaiian flower and accompanying leaves were hand-dyed before they were meticulously constructed through the Japanese art of tsunami kanzashi. The "style" of the flower has been hand-wrapped in a dark green silk thread and is topped with a cluster of vintage stamens. Mounted on an alligator clip. 

Perfect for many hairstyles and all occasions! Can also be clipped onto clothing, scarves, handbags and more.

All of my kanzashi are made with the highest quality silks unless otherwise stated (e.g.: other materials used like cotton, synthetics, etc.)

Width of flower: 2.75" (7cm)
Total width: 4" (10cm)

Care instructions:
When not in use, store in a cool, dark and dry place in the box (will be provided with the kanzashi).