About Us

It All Started With One Little Notebook...

This goes waaaay back to my dreaded high school days, specifically my junior year history class. My good friend/co-founder, Myriam sat behind me at the time, so many antics ensued before class began.

Whipping out her mini Five Star spiral-bound notebook (dubbed "The Fidget Book") and an assortment of color gel pens, I set to work, scribbling out bizarre-ass doodles with geeky references (like a herd of chocobos devouring Cloud Strife...don't ask). Stuff that would probably cause an outsider to question my sanity. By the end of the school year, I created a plethora of what Myriam and I labeled as "Fidget Art." Little did we know that the name would eventually culminate into something bigger in the future...

Fast forward to 2008 - I was visiting my partner-in-crime in southern California. During a particularly rainy Saint Patrick's Day, we were driving back to our hometown from a day of eating and shopping when we reminisced over the Fidget Art doodles. Right then and there, a proverbial light bulb lit up over our heads. Things snowballed from there - We plotted and schemed, -er volleyed concepts at each other (in fact, the "Beer Penguin" idea was conceived during this discussion), ultimately agreeing that we should do the thing!

Upon arriving at my mom's place, I immediately set to work on my laptop, with Myriam soon joining me online. We went on Etsy (our first selling platform), opened a new shop and thus, Yay for Fidget Art! is born.


Yay for Fidget Art! is all about quirkiness and bizarre randomness (as well as the occasional prettiness). Acquiring an army of super robot chinchillas ain't cheap, so we're peddlin' our merchandise to fund our goal.

But is it fidget art? "What the hell is fidget art??" you inquire? Well, fidget art cannot be defined, only experienced. Or felt. Or poked at. With a stick.

Yay for Fidget Art! apparel features Marissa's original illustrations, screen printed by herself in her secret lab- ahem, art studio, using eco-friendly water-based inks on ethically-sourced and sustainable clothing. Her illustrations are printed onto Legion-brand (the good stuff!) paper using Epson UltraChrome K3 ink, ensuring that your prints will last for many years to come (with a lightfastness of up to 108 years for color and 200 years for black and white).

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