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Posted by Marissa Rojas on

lightsaber hilt prop work in progress

While I was rummaging through one of my toolboxes looking for a crescent wrench, I found my work-in-progress lightsaber hilt…a project that I started nearly ten years ago. 😅 It was originally intended as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine at the time, but we had a falling out due to personal reasons. So I kept the half-finished hilt in storage and pretty much forgot about it until just recently.

The hilt design is loosely based off of Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi’s third lightsaber, and I used an online tutorial to construct this. I am by no means a machinist, and this was my very first attempt at building a lightsaber hilt. There’s obviously a TON more work to do on this project, I just need to search where I kept the rest of the materials. If I do decide to finish this project, I’ll definitely post updates here.